Hilltop Private Estate

Hilltop Private Estate

Most upmarket residential estates on the North Coast of KZN offer the investor/home seeker a superior living environment with a range of add-on options to add value to their lifestyle.

These options range from golf courses; office parks; public restaurants; hotels; holiday apartments; a busy clubhouse with lively entertainment; direct access to the beach; to holiday letting.

If you are seeking a quieter residential use only eco estate style of living ‘far from the madding crowd’ look no further than Hilltop Private Estate, Port Zimbali, (off the M4). Several golf courses, a wide range of restaurants, and office parks are within a few minutes’ drive from the estate but are not available on the estate itself.

Hilltop Private Estate offers the investor/homeowner a quiet, sedate, laid-back lifestyle with none of the hustle and bustle that comes with having non-residents accessing the estate 24/7 to play golf, eat out, holiday, and/or work in office parks.

Hilltop Private Estate is tucked away in a concealed corner of the Port Zimbali precinct between Lazuli  Estate and Zimbali Coastal Resort.

Contact us for more info: em@hilltopestate.co.za